Juha Koivisto

E-mail: juhakoivisto@outlook.com


Researcher at Aalto University 2007-2013

I worked as graduate student in Complex systems and materials lead by Professor Mikko Alava. My
topic has been experimental fracture. At the end I was responsible of the experimental part
consisting devices, software and guiding Bachelor students. I was an instructor for 6 Bachelor
theses or similar reports.


PhD in Physics 9/2013

I will graduate as Doctor of Technology in Physics from Aalto University in the fall 2013. Title of my
thesis is: Fracture and prediction of heterogeneous materials.


Experimental Physics: My strongest area is reproducible experiments with synchronized data
collection and analysis of the data. My research field is soft condensed matter, more specifically
fracture and deformation.

Programming: I have worked as a senior software developer using version management, scrum and
unit/integration testing. I am familiar with roughly 20 programming languages and fluent with C, Python
and Javascript.

Languages: My native language is Finnish and I speak and write fluent English. Also, I speak
intermediate German and Swedish.

Electronics: I am certified class 3 electrician (I am allowed to manufacture and install devices
operating less than 1000 volts). I excel in analogue electronics and can program simple


I have 9 publications in peer-reviewed journals and I have held tens of presentations in
conferences, both domestic and international. Below are selected papers.

J. Rosti, J. Koivisto, L. Laurson, and M. Alava,
Fluctuations and scaling in creep deformation,
Physical Review Letters 105, 100601 (2010).

J. Koivisto, J. Rosti, and M. Alava,
Creep of a fracture line in paper peeling,
Physical Review Letters 99, 145504 (2007).

National media coverage

Ylioppilaskoe hakkeroitiin omaperäisillä keinoilla - koe sabotoitiin morsettamalla äänikortilta,
Honorary mention in Finnish matricular examination hacking contest for lateral thinking, Yle 8.10.2013.

Paperi repeää tasaisessa vedossa epätasaisesti, media coverage for PRL 105, 100601 (2010), Yle 15.09.2010.


I run a small company (Ltd.) on my spare time. Also running, roller skating and
angling are my favorite past time pleasures.